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April 29, 2008
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Ammy's World by zakhren Ammy's World by zakhren
Medium : 100% Corel Painter
Full Size : A3 - 4961x3508
Resolution : 300PPI
Time (Approx) : Thinking - 6 Hours/Working - 24 Hours

When I got the message about the competition I was really intimidated, having never drawn animals, sumi-e, or used my new tablet or Corel Painter properly... but I decided to go for it anyway! =D

I really enjoyed the game and one of my favourite aesthetic elements in the game was how the flowers and some other things had this glow or shine to them. So I decided to use a concept that is when Ammy is just running through the fields, between the sakura trees and flowers, simply having fun, lost in her own world without the cares and worries of evil. So I tried to make everything as pretty and colourful as I could (without looking tacky), and tried my best at wolf anatomy.

Hope you all like it! =)
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wow, it's looking good :) looks like a lot of effort in there!

however (it might be my monitor, i'm not sure, it does have a colour problem, i'm sure you know haha), i think that the pink doesn't go that well.

the shade looks like it's a mixture of buncho pink and some pirated pink which makes it look odd.

it's nice to see colour variety in your flowers, but i think the shades aren't that suitable, but that might just be me =_=
add more detail to the fur, and it'll be good to go :D

overall, nice work!
not bad at all zakh~ were u dealing with lots of layers on this one?
Layers like you wouldn't believe @_@
Wow! Sweet! Its so cute. U can do that with corel painter? I need to experiment soon. :)
Thank you Mai =D
I was going for a colourful piece this time. I didn't think cotton candy but good point haha.
I like the colours, so colourful~ Love the cotton candy pink ^^ Yei go Ammy, go Zak!
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